The Human Condition

“How exquisitely human was the wish for permanent happiness, and how thin human imagination became trying to achieve it.”

"Indecisive and


sandpaper hands

over silk hearts,

and bound to

end up where

the dust sleeps,


Project One: Love Me With The Lights On

"you know when you're in a car and it's pouring down rain, you go under a bridge and everything stops. Everything goes silent and it's almost peaceful. Then you finally get from under the bride, and everything hits you a little harder than before.

You were my bridge"

Song: Foreign Hands by George Ogilvie

"I always thought it was wrong to lay my world in foreign hands, so why'd it take so long to steal it back?"

  • This Broken Love
  • I am I am I am
  • Inside the Void
  • Love Me Wild
  • What if you fly?